White Maakaana Lodge



The restaurant, with an all‐inclusive buffet, is on a large covered terrace and you can enjoy a beautiful sea view on your breakfast, lunch and dinner time.

The menu changes daily and you can have fresh fish, pasta, vegetables, chicken, fruit, rice, cakes, local food that is good and simple. Drinks included (Soft drinks, water, coke, Orange juice, different exotic fruits juice, coffee, tea).

* Please, note that any allergies or dietary restrictions should be notified at the time of reservation.

  • Snack are offered throughout the day.
  • No alcoholic drinks.
  • No pork meat.(Maldivian people are Muslims).
  • Your hosts will offer you a romantic dinner’ on the beach by “the light of the moon” during your stay.
  • The dinner will be served on the Dhoni during the excursions.

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