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All useful information to know before leaving.


Whatever your nationality is , you can enter the Maldives just with a valid passport whose expiration date is not inferior to six months from your scheduled return date. Moreover, according to the actual European laws, minors must be in possess of their own individual passport. All the visitor entering The Maldives are asked for a free visitor visa, valid for 30 days, that will be delivered to you on the plane or at the airport prior to passport control. The form must be filled in and handed out to the immigration agents before your baggage claim. A part of the form must be kept in your passport and handed back to passport control on your return trip.


The official language of The Maldive is dhivehi and comes both from Arabic and from Hindustani. Both the words and their pronunciation can change from island to island. The Dhivehi language is used in all local administration offices. English is widely used and spoken by everyone.


The voltage is about 220‐240 volt. It is highly advisable to use a universal adapter.

Phone Lines

To call the Maldives from your country use the prefix 00960 . After your arrival, you can buy an international prepaid phone card in point Dhiraagu (telephone Company Maldivian, example with $ 14 you have 40 min. of international call.).


You should choose a casual/sporty style. T‐shirts, cotton or linen sundresses are the most suitable and comfortable clothes. People on the island almost constantly wear a swimming costume and go around barefoot, since the sand isn t hot because it s coralline and thin like baby powder, thus creating a natural pathway. 50+ Sun screens and after sun are strongly recommended. Please do not forget your sunglasses and the
necessary hats. Scuba masks, flippers and snorkels are a must in your suitcase, unless you want to rent them (from I touch blue diving, right next to our hotel). In case you do not have an underwater camera, we recommend bringing a disposable underwater camera with you, because once you dive into the water you will certainly want to take a picture of this amazing universe of colours and shapes. The island is of Muslim faith and it is advisable for women not to walk around in their swimming costumes when they are in the village so to be respectful of the local population. Men should always wear a t‐shirt.
Generally, a comfortable and informal style is recommended.


Local manufacture is very interesting, especially sarongs and t‐shirts often hand painted, coloured wooden fish, and different hand‐made items. To buy items on the islands you can only use dollars in cash.


Being crossed by the equator, the Maldives have a temperature of about 30° C during the whole year, and it never drops below 25°C, 26°C even at night, reaching a peak of about 32°C during the hottest hours of day.

Historical outline and Religion

Before becoming a Muslim country, The Maldives were a Buddhist country. The conversion to Islam happened, according to the legend, thanks to Abul Barakat Yoosuf Al Barbary, an Islamic scholar, who visited the Maldives during a time when people lived in terror of Rannamaari, a sea demon, who was said to get out of the waters once a month bringing destruction and death, unless a virgin was sacrificed to him. At the end of day, the unfortunate girls chosen for the sacrifice were brought to a temple near the beach and were found dead the following morning. One day the daughter of the owner of the house where Abul Barakat Yoosuf Al Barbary lived was chosen to be sacrificed: the scholar decided to save her. Disguised as a woman he spent the night in the temple reciting the Koran. The morning after people went to the temple to find out what had happened to the chosen girl and were surprised to find the scholar was still alive and still reciting the Koran. When the king knew the demon had been defeated by the power of the Koran, he embraced the Islam and ordered all the people to follow this faith. The saviour was then adored and his grave still is visited and can be seen in the presidential garden in Male. Since that moment on all the Buddhist temples were destroyed and the first Mosque in Male was erected.

Healthcare regulations

No vaccination is required to visit The Maldives. We highly recommend using sun‐screen, especially during your first days, so to avoid spoiling your holiday with a sunburn. Sometimes an insect repellent can be useful. In case of urgent need of medical care, a medical unit is available for you, along with a doctor.


Importing alcoholics, narcotics, pshycotropic substances, meat, pork meat, drugs, pornographic material, spearguns, weapons, munitions and explosives of different kinds is strictly forbidden. Leaflets, booklets and similar advertising another faith are forbidden as well. Returning home you cannot take mother‐of‐pearl, corals, shells or sand with you, either coming from the sea or the beaches, and export them.

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