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We'll go on excursions on the Dhoni, a typical Maldivian boat, every day to a different island (Anbara, Hulhidehoo, Bodumohora, Fohteyo, etc) and we'll visit desert beaches, have lunch either on the boat or on the beach with our feet in the water.

According to us, excursions are a key aspect of a Maldivian Holiday, so they’re included in the price. Weather permitting, excursions take place daily except for Fridays (Maldvian day of rest) But, don’t worry, Friday can still be an exciting day! You can either relax on the peaceful beach or take part to a night fishing trip organized by our staff.

The staff and the guest will agree about the excursions the night before. Moreover, you can go snorkelling with our guide. While traveling on the boat our staff will make you part of activities like fishing for tuna, stone bass and barracudas.

. You can eat what you fish, and tell our chef how you would like it to be cooked, either grilled, baked, raw etc) and you can have it in addition to your regular dinner. If you are keen on fishing we can organize a day out fishing in the morning (06.00/08.00 am) and in the
evening (19.00/21.00 pm).

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